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Searching for the right community to help find necessary resources for growing your account(s) on social media can be hard. We want to help, so we’re building a platform that will give you a head start!

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What Are Engagement Groups?

Engagement groups are communities based on members “liking” and/or commenting on each others posts to boost its exposure.

We increase the number of likes or comments in your post, through taking advantage of Instagram’s algorithm.

The number of likes and comments will basically tell Instagram to boost your post, and increase your organic reach.

Two Types of Engagement Groups

Instagram DM’s and Telegram groups are the most common places to find a community. However, they have flaws:

Instagram DM

Instagram is limited to only 15 members per group and lacks the capability to kick members. This results in you potentially wasting your time giving engagement and barely receiving anything back.


Telegram has blew up.

Major groups have reached over 1000 members. Even our Telegram group currently has 1500+ members. This is a great way to boosting your accounts; however, lots of sketchy things have been happening lately.

1. Greedy Admins

The flaw with Telegram is the ability to add a member just by their username without consent. Many smaller groups (and some bigger groups) have members that spy on newcomers of a certain group and from there they steal those members. What happens next? You end up being in a part of 10+ random groups with the same people in each one.

This results in people having to do extra work in giving engagement to the same people even if they don’t have to. It becomes a time sink and kills the essence of being part of a community.

Believe it or not, a large number of these admins have malicious end goals.

2. Scammers

At least half the population of the people participating in Telegram are there to buy/sell accounts. This becomes a breeding ground for scammers and unfortunately, a lot of people have been scammed on Telegram.

3. Low Quality Accounts

The majority of the accounts that participate in these groups aren’t real content creators. They’re mostly pages of reposted pictures, associate with the ‘luxury’ niche.

Our Engagement Group

We are now based on an app/website called Discord! We have steered away from Telegram to avoid the mess that comes with it, but still gain its benefits.

Why Join Our Engagement Group?

Increase Exposure

  • High quality engagement will bring more attention to your content which attracts more followers.
  • Instagram’s algorithm will favor your posts and give it a boost.
  • Higher chance of ranking at the top 9 posts of your hashtags.

Get Featured On Instagram’s Explore Page

  • Significantly increase your chances to being in the explore page.
  • Gain massive spikes in new organic followers.
  • Turn your post viral.

Made for Content Creators

Unlike other engagement groups, we focus on content creators. We stay away from low quality niches (Luxury, NSFW, etc.). If you are a blogger, YouTuber, musician, vlogger, photographer, videographer, or anyone that creates original content, then this group is for you!

We aim to build a community where we can all share our ideas and techniques, and innovate with new methods to significantly boost our growth

Growth Everywhere Else

We don’t plan on sticking with just Instagram. We plan to help you grow on other platforms such as your blogs or your YouTube channel.


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