Grow and Learn Through Your Community

Grow and Learn Through Your Community
February 1, 2017 Synergized Media

Synergy – The interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions, etc.

“Starting this post with a definition… are you f*cking serious?”

Yes. I also got that from Great site, I should use it more often.

Allow me to elaborate more with my own words:

Ever get stuck having to try and start your new social media page? Building social media presence? What was it like starting things on your own and having to come up with ideas looking like a walker zombie from The Walking Dead, transitioning into that zombie from 28 Days Later as you get more frustrated?

You know the saying, “two heads are better than one”.

Synergized Media was built to provide a community of creatives that encourages collaboration, support, and open-mindedness. Everyone has their own journey, but there will be speed bumps and obstacles down the road. It’s a process. It always is; through the process, people bring all their personal experience and expertise to the table. Growing your social media presence may be the goal, sure but…

Having a pervasive mindset and being vulnerable to new ideas will encourage intrinsic growth, which leads to extrinsic growth.

[Please insert sports analogy here] – Seriously.

Society is influenced on what they see on social media. You have the power to break through and provide an influence yourself through your creativity.

Easy, right?

The problem here is that social media is that it is so saturated. It’s too LOUD. Your voice needs to be louder in such a noisy environment. The goal is not for your voice to blend in, but to rise above so that yours will be heard.

However, we all need to start somewhere.

Have you ever been to a rock climbing gym before?

I’ve wanted to try rock climbing since I have a lot of friends that climb frequently. I remember going bouldering at my local climbing gym for the first time and thought, “This sh*t looks easy, it’s a 15 to 20-foot rock that I could probably climb using my nipples.” You know what? I was right; the first level pathways were so easy that I literally used my nipples to climb the rest of them.

Just kidding. But, you’re smart enough to know where this is going.

I tried a second level pathway, and obviously it was tougher. The path wasn’t as linear as the first ones I tried, but I managed to finish. Then I tried a third level pathway, and it was like I was trying to do a backflip with my hands between my legs while upside down. Well, that’s because I literally did a backflip with hands between my legs, while upside down as the starting position, and after I could no longer hold that position, I proceeded to crash on to the canvas below.

I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Ba dum tss.

“How the hell do I start this sh*t?”

I relied on raw strength alone. One attribute. Also, I haven’t developed the appropriate muscle stamina needed to continue after the first few goes.

It’s a process.

Aside from my friends and even facility staff laughing at my inconvenience, they were supportive enough to help find me the best way for the starting position and get to the next hold. They tipped me on how to distribute my weight properly, and develop my technique to continue forward. On my end, I had to keep at it and develop the muscle stamina to last longer (that’s what she said). Long story short, it became much easier to finish the path, using their ideas and expertise. I used what I learned to help me finish the harder paths.

You’re creative and ambitious. I’m sure you are. You could rely on raw talent alone, but eventually you may hit a plateau. Look to the resources you have around, and that includes the communities that you’re a part of. Be vulnerable and ask for help, feedback and continue learning so you can climb to the next level.

What’s one thing that you’ve been working on recently and have seen immense improvement, but now feel like you’ve plateaued?

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